Writing & editing

All my life, I’ve loved writing.  Mine was a traditional evolution from nerdy little kid writing for the elementary school paper, to nerdier older kid editing student newspapers in high school and college.

But it was the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism that gave me a writing career.
The faculty and staff of working journalists teach students out of a newsroom in Times Square, the gear is cutting edge, and the curriculum never stops evolving.  It’s a stellar institution and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

In the years since, I was lucky to have tough, clear-eyed, compassionate editors at the Star-Ledger and Bloomberg, LP, such as Tom Meagher, Rick Everett, and David Marino.

Below are a few of my favorite stories from my years spent covering New Jersey for the Ledger, plus freelance work during my grad school years in New York City.

My business reporting for Bloomberg, the Ledger, and others can be found on this page.


  • $30M wasted at sewerage authority LINK
  • Fire department chronically understaffed, victims suffer  LINK
  • Ledger cover story on the infrastructure dangers of solar flares LINK
  • A 2012 look at America’s generational shift in driving habits  LINK
  • Nude snow sculpture in Rahway leads police to request ‘snowlady’ cover-up LINK
  • Police: Roselle cop fired at Linden man accidentally LINK
  • Roselle Park councilwoman nurses baby at meetings so other mothers can too LINK
Freelance work
  • ABC Nightline: Exurban-Dwellers Feel Fuel Price Pain  LINK
  • The Daily Beast:  ‘The Pale King’s’ Depiction of IRS Gets Fact Checked LINK
  • Music at the crossroads : lives & legacies of Baltimore jazz.
    • Passing the axe : the Baltimore saxophone tradition / Eliot Caroom LINK
  • New York Daily News:  Caribbean ethnic group seeks new street name for Dawson St.  LINK
  • New York Daily News:  Garden tended by schoolkids to use different kind of fertilizer LINK