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Dr. Hiram Caroom at Loyola College, 1970.

Dr. Hiram Caroom at Loyola College, 1970.

My interests in personal finance, investing, and all things business come to me from my grandfather, Hiram Caroom. He was a child of the Depression; I was a child of the 80s to whom he sent stock certificates, in lots of 10 shares per holiday gift. He was the son of a Lebanese immigrant who conducted street cars and started his own businesses; I was a grandson who visited him and helped clean apartment properties and offices he rented out.

Hiram earned a Master’s and a doctorate, attended Harvard and Yale, and wrote a textbook on personal finance, “Managing Consumer Dollars.” Both his skepticism of markets and his confidence in the enduring strength of the U.S. economy will always stay with me.

The other great influence on my business reporting comes from the excellent faculty of the CUNY Grad School of Journalism, which in my time there was lead by longtime Businessweek editor-in-chief Stephen Shepard, then our dean. Professor Sarah Bartlett (Fortune, New York Times, Businessweek) guided my class through the stunning financial crisis of 2008 with great poise.  From Greg David of Crain’s Business taught without fail that for every business story, there are winners and losers.

I also learned from talented and generous colleagues at Inc.,, and The Star-Ledger. At the Ledger, I’m especially grateful to Rick Everett, a sharp, thoughtful, deeply conscientious editor who oversaw my business section reporting on the state’s utilities, power subsidies, nascent wind and solar industries, and aging nuclear.

Lastly, I’m proud to have chased oil markets scoops with a talented team at Bloomberg News. David Marino, Christine Harvey, Lynn Doan, and Dan Murtaugh are whip-smart colleagues on impressive paths.


The vast majority of my Bloomberg stories are behind an extremely expensive paywall; these selections are not.

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  • Citgo Said to Plan Lemont Refinery Vacuum Unit Restart Jan. 15 LINK
  • Arctic Cold Cuts U.S. Fuel Supply as Processing Freezes LINK
  • Pennsylvania Derailment Adds to Scrutiny of Oil Shipments LINK
  • Valero Plans Port Arthur Cat Cracker Work for Next Year LINK
  • Oil Rigs Seen Declining 600 by August as Prices Plunge  LINK


  • U.S. ill-equipped to deal with Japan-like nuclear meltdown LINK
  • NJ wind industry plans blown astray  LINK
  • Gov. Christie signs into law a rescue for New Jersey’s solar subsidy mkt LINK
  • NJ ratepayers could pay $79 million in a single year for three new power plants LINK
  • Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority’s $30 million power plant project boondoggle LINK
  • Inc.:  Firings Fuel a Boom In Outplacement;  Companies increasingly pay to help former employees find new jobs. LINK
  • Inc.:  Prison Entrepreneurship Guide; These programs offer prisoners around the country an opportunity to start new lives through entrepreneurship. LINK
  • Fooling Around With Fannie And Freddie  LINK