Climate action in Fremont, California & the City Council race

Like many people, I feel frustrated about climate change.  Helpless.

The news has gotten steadily worse over the past few years as the international community only begins the serious work, and the U.S. pulls away from doing it.

That’s why even though my city, Fremont, California, is ahead of the curve, I want to push for even more local climate action.  The city has hybrids–but why not an all-electric fleet?  With Tesla a major business in town, why not require apartment complexes to have a certain percent of parking spots with electric chargers, so a big new group of Fremont residents (renters) can own electric cars?

We measure our progress closely, but most of our progress has come from new state regulations, not within the boundaries of Fremont.  The city calls it the “Achievement Gap” and I want to push the council so we can close the gap ASAP.

At a recent local city council candidate forum, I asked a question about whether the candidates would be willing to push the council to do more on climate.

Only two candidates made what I consider strong pledges of increased climate action–David Bonaccorsi running in District 1, and Robert Daulton in District 4.   The others basically said “good enough.”   That’s not good enough for me.

Watch the video for yourself if you’d like to see what I mean.

Vote Nov. 6 for council candidates who want to do more on climate:

  • David Bonaccorsi (District 3)
  • Robert Daulton (District 4)

Vote to stop global warming with local action in Fremont, California.

I’d love to hear from you if you want to talk more about what Fremont can do.  Please reach out to me at my first name, eliot, dot my last name, caroom at gmail.

Thank you for your time.