Central bank equities boost in a Citi chart, NYTimes writes off Yield Curve: Open Questions links, July 11 week

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Welcome to my weekly recap of articles I’ve read on open questions in finance, markets, and investing.

Zerohedge features Citi chart with a Central Bank curative for all-time equity highs LINK

Citi's Central Bank purchase chart

This Times story writes off the Yield Curve as an indicator because of the supply/demand picture for bonds, doesn’t do the same in pointing to oil as a sign of a strong economy LINK

If bond prices are an unreliable yardstick, we can look to other markets that may be flawed, but are at least flawed in different ways.

And those other markets are not flashing recession warnings at all: The United States stock market closed on Monday at a record high; indexes of future stock market volatility are quite low; and oil prices, after a furious rally since the winter, have mostly held onto their gains.
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