Debt service rate targets, Shiller on confidence as leading indicator, How to measure Chinese money: Open Questions links, July 25 week

Welcome to my weekly recap of articles I’ve read on topics of finance, markets, and investing. All are on open questions I’m interested in. Debt servicing costs to rise from 1.4%-5.8% of GDP if interest rates normalize LINK The Federal Reserve’s unconventional monetary policy has driven down the cost of the net interest on the […]

“Passing the Axe,” a Baltimore jazz history chapter

Recently I was lucky enough to re-visit Baltimore jazz in my writing as I contributed a chapter to a new history book.  My essay, “Passing the axe : the Baltimore saxophone tradition,” appears in Music at the Crossroads, published by Loyola University’s Apprentice House press. As the founding newsletter editor for the Baltimore Jazz Alliance, it was a […]

Mike Stern and Esperanza Spalding, Gil Scott-Heron, Wayne Krantz: NY Press reviews with photos

UPDATE: New York Press overhauled their website, breaking links to older stories. Below are copies of reviews I wrote of three favorite shows: Mike Stern with Esperanza Spalding, Gil Scott-Heron, Wayne Krantz. Jazz cats shred underground as the world burns for Bieber When Esperanza Spalding took Best New Artist at the Grammy’s, Justin Bieber fans shrieked and fans […]